Message from the Head Teacher

Dear parents/ guardians let me take this opportunity to greet you all in GOD’s Grace.

It’s a great pleasure for Phimose Schools fraternity to be entrusted with your children, as a Centre for quality education. We therefore ensure you and commit ourselves to serve you satisfactorily, through developed and modern facilities at our campus which provide a conducive learning environment for pupils.

We have a fully facilitated boarding section with an enormous routine where pupils are fed on a complex balanced diet to boost their mental and health development under the them “A home away from home”. A well-equipped sickbay with a competent nurse that has addressed all the health concerns of our beloved pupils instantly.


A school based curriculum

We are proud to inform you about our enriched school based curriculum aimed at providing a holistic citizen. This is embroidered and embellished with co-curricular activities; swimming, MDD, debate, PE, games, Art & craft etc. A child not only receives and gains academic excellency but also being instilled with skills and values so as to encounter the social daily challenges through regular guidance and counseling. Therefore all “Phimosians” are leading examples in good morals, reading, spoken, hygiene, responsibility as well as GOD fearing.


Through your continuous support, morally, technically, spiritually and financially, the directors have been tremendously developing the institution by successfully completing the construction of another storeyed spacious classroom block with nine classes. This expansion has enabled us create more learning space for better access to the standard pupil to teacher ratio of 35 pupils per class.


539037 is the UNEB Centre number for Phimose Schools. Therefore, our sixteen (16) candidates will receive their P.L.E results in phimose label.
WADEB PLE mocks was a success to the school, with 14 DIV1, 2 DIV2 TT=16 candidates
PPS/P/64 is the ministry of Education, Science Technology and Sports registration number


Evidently, the ability of our pupils to be enrolled in first class schools at all levels is a significant achievement. So, give us more children and you will ot regret. Remember at Phim0se Schools, your child’s welfare is our first priority.
May the almighty GOD uphold our institution to soar to greater heights and strengthens all your financial aspects as well as granting us Good health forever. Amen

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What Parents are Saying!

Thank you for offering such a great kindergarten with so many activities am real great teachers. Gabriel likes it a lot and so do we. So excited!

Sheila Akankunda
Sales & Marketing, MTN Uganda

Thank you for your kindness and care with our son and with all children!

Musoke David
, Business Man