Admission Procedure and Requirements

Prior to admission, all pupils are;

  1. Admission/ Application fee of Ugx. 50,000/=
  2. Upon successful completion of interviews, the pupil is admitted.
  3. An admission form together with the rules and regulations are then issued. Parents and pupils are required to read through and append their signature to indicate acceptance of the terms and rules of the pupil’s stay at Phimose.
  4. An admission letter is then issued to the parent and pupil by the school.
  5. On admission, the parent and school authorities sign an agreement on the terms and conditions of payment of school dues.

Our pupils annually train and compete in a multitude of games and sports like Swimming, Volleyball, Football, Table tennis, Scrabble among others.

Admission Requirements


Below are the requirements which every pupil MUST report with while joining Phimose Nursery and Primary School.

  • Medical report of the child
  • Birth certificate / Immunization card
  • Passport size photographs (2 Pupil, 2 Parent)
  • A school bag
  • Box file
  • A pair of black shoes
  • Canvas Shoes (Strictly White)


Below are the requirements which every pupil MUST report with while joining Phimose Nursery and Primary School Boarding Section.

  • All general requirements
  • 2 Pairs of bed sheets (Pink-girls, boys sky blue)
  • 1 Towel (Medium Size)
  • 1 Pair of black shoes for class
  • 1 Pair of casual/pen shoes for both boys and girls
  • 1 Tin of Kiwi shoe polish (Big size)
  • 2 Sponges for bathing
  • 4 Cakes of medical bathing soap
  • 2 Night wears, 2 Petty coats for girls, 4 under-wears/ panties
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What Parents are Saying!

Thank you for offering such a great kindergarten with so many activities am real great teachers. Gabriel likes it a lot and so do we. So excited!

Sheila Akankunda
Sales & Marketing, MTN Uganda

Thank you for your kindness and care with our son and with all children!

Musoke David
, Business Man

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