About Phimose Nursery & Primary School

Brief Background

Phimose Nursery and Primary school is a place where childhood is celebrated and preserved. Our emphasis is the essential continuum of play, passion and purpose (learning).

Phimose Nursery and Primary school was established in 2013 by Mr. Kityo Moses and Mrs. Sempebwa Sophie Nasuuna. The name Phimose is derive from the director’ names Sophie and Moses.

Since inception in 2013, the school has registered remarkable growth and development in terms of infrastructure and population. We have set up spacious environment for the pupils’ various activities.

Our resources and programs are focused on the developmental needs of Early Childhood through Primary Seven (P.7), and all members of our school community strive for excellence, marvel in what we share, and learn from our differences..

We honor childhood, creativity, and the unique vision and talent that each pupil brings to our school thus cultivating passionate learners and their future success.

This website will give you just a glimpse, but we invite you & your family to step through our front doors and experience the warmth and joy of learning firsthand.

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What Parents are Saying!

Thank you for offering such a great kindergarten with so many activities am real great teachers. Gabriel likes it a lot and so do we. So excited!

Sheila Akankunda
Sales & Marketing, MTN Uganda

Thank you for your kindness and care with our son and with all children!

Musoke David
, Business Man

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