Quiet Well Stock LibraryOrganized library program to impart Reading Culture

Quiet Well Stock Library
Our library houses a variety of essential reference books for both core and supplementary subjects and many instructional materials.

Our aim is to produce self reliant and independent pupils. We encourage personal reading and research among the pupils.

The library is stocked with text books which include; English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science, Dictionaries, Magazines, Story books (fiction and non-fiction), News papers e.t.c contributing to the wealth of support material for learning and research.

Pupils can do their reading and research within the library or borrow the books from the library for use at home or in the dormitories.

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What Parents are Saying!

Thank you for offering such a great kindergarten with so many activities am real great teachers. Gabriel likes it a lot and so do we. So excited!

Sheila Akankunda
Sales & Marketing, MTN Uganda

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